Make visible the invisible #breatheclean #joinairtales

Hello! We are AIRTALES.

A technology company located in Seville, Spain.

AIRTALES is the sensor created by TALES technology, a company born to worship Thales of Miletus, a Greek philosopher, mathematician, geometrist, physicist and legislator. In ancient times he was considered one of the Seven Sages of Greece and is recognized for breaking with the use of mythology to explain the world and the universe, changing it instead for natural explanations using naturalistic theories and hypotheses based on logic (logos).

Tear down the tales about air quality

The word “TALES” comes to mean “STORIES”, which implies that AIRTALES was born to demolish myths; to tear down tales that have been built over time and around the planet about the quality of the air we live in.

With AIRTALES we give logic to the ability to measure, in a precise and safe way, the particles that we inhale daily. By monitoring our day to day, we empower the user to modify the monotonous daily behaviors that cause them to have low or poor health caused by these non-visible particles.

Life-based technology

We create technology based on life, helping to detect and monitor the invisible that the air contains and is harmful to our health: making the invisible visible. To do this, we have created an App based on the analysis of the direct environment of our users, which provides advice on how to increase or improve our health immediately and in the future thanks to the reduction of toxic particles that we inhale.

At TALES technology we comply with our own philosophy to those who worship, making the invisible visible, demystifying the stories of the air that they have told us; and giving people logic to help them live in a healthier community.