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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about using the sensor and the AirTales App. You can also send us an email to with your questions. We will reply to you as soon as possible;)

Sensor - What is the AIRTALES sensor

What is the AIRTALES sensor?

AIRTALES is a powerful combination of sensors that analyze the components and particles present in the air we breathe. In this way we can measure, among others, the levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, ozone, carbon monoxide … and help us see how healthy our environment is.

The data collected by the AIRTALES sensor is shown through a very visual and simple mobile application, which functions as a data center. This application, through the evolution of the processed indicators, will be able to recommend actions aimed at making the right decisions to breathe healthier.

In addition, thanks to the information collected by AIRTALES, we will be able to create a community of people who are aware and concerned about improving the quality of the air around us.

Why the AIRTALES sensor?

Did you know that in cities and towns around the world toxic pollutants exceed the values recommended by the World Health Organization? But this is only outside… Inside our houses the situation can be up to five times worse. The volatile organic compounds that the furniture gives off, the lack of ventilation, the use of undesirable heaters … All this adds up against our health.

Who can use the AIRTALES sensor?

If you are a person concerned about their environment and want to begin to visualize the problem of breathing increasingly polluted air, AIRTALES is for you. It is also highly recommended if you suffer from asthma, allergies, respiratory problems or chemical sensitivity; AIRTALES becomes your perfect ally so that you can take actions to protect your health.

In addition, the App has personalization profiles for pregnant women, elderly or minors; since they are the ones that suffer the most from the effects of polluted air.

Sensor - Indoor Air Quality

How can the AIRTALES sensor help me indoors?

We spend about 80% of our time in closed spaces that can be up to x5 times more polluted than outside. We refer to the air inside our homes, offices, bars and restaurants, educational centers, shops …

Indoors there are primary sources of pollution such as: tobacco consumption; the bioefluents that pets emit; paints, varnishes or glues … even certain building materials and furniture. These sources give rise to other new pollutants such as oxidation products, particles … An entire “internal chemistry” that can occur both in a gaseous phase and on surfaces in our homes, offices, etc.

AIRTALES can give you an insight into these pollutants thanks to its ability to detect particles up to twenty times smaller than a grain of sand. This lets you know if you are breathing gases that can alter the body at a molecular level, affecting your health.

How can the AIRTALES sensor help me to prevent infections?

CO2 by itself is not a toxic gas for people, but in very high concentrations it can cause problems such as poor concentration, headaches, drowsiness, dizziness and even breathing difficulties.

In addition, the current situation caused by COVID-19 is also promoting the need to measure CO2 levels in closed spaces; since it is a valuable indicator of contagion by aerosols. The accumulation of CO2 is a clear sign that we need to ventilate these spaces and renew the air to prevent infections.

Regularly measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide indoors is a good anti-COVID measure. When we breathe, we emit CO2, and when several people are in a room for a certain time, that concentration rises. If these people are also talking to each other or on the phone, these levels will rise even faster. A device capable of measuring this gas, as AIRTALES does, allows us to know if the room is well ventilated or not based on the accumulated concentration.

Can AIRTALES help me to protect myself against the risk of viruses?

Yes as an additional measure and ALWAYS keeping all the recommendations and obligations established by the health authorities such as: safety distance, avoiding events and contact with vulnerable people, use of masks and frequent hand washing.

By measuring air, humidity and their concentrations with AIRTALES you will be able to understand which spaces pose a high risk of airborne transmission of viruses such as flu or COVID-19.

Sensor - Outdoor Air Quality

Can I take the sensor with me outside the home?

Yes. The AIRTALES sensor is designed for you to move with it. Its lightweight design and drawstring allow you to hang it from a backpack, purse or even clothing.

While you move, the air passes through the sensor to send data to the App. Taking your pet for a walk, on the way to work, on foot or by bike… you can create a quality map also outdoors and discover more routes clean of contamination for your day to day.

Why wear the sensor in town?

Carrying the AIRTALES sensor with you while you are touring the city or traveling allows you to collect data on air quality that are important for your health and that of other people. Sharing your data helps other people like you improve the quality of their spaces, take action on the air in their city and create a united community to fight for cleaner air.

App - Connect with your sensor

Can I use the AIRTALES App without the sensor?

No. Our app is designed to be used in conjunction with the sensor. The sensor measures the air quality that it then sends to the App so that you can monitor your day-to-day life.

How can I pair the App to my AIRTALES sensor?

Download the AIRTALES App available for iOS and install it on your mobile. Open the app and follow the steps to pair your sensor. You must activate the permissions for Bluethooth and GPS. To finish successfully, you must enter the PRODUCT ID of your sensor. You can find your ID in the welcome letter that you will find in the box of your AIRTALES, or on the back of your device.

I already have my sensor paired. What do I do now?

If your sensor is correctly paired, on the next screen you will be able to select one or more of the customization profiles. Activate notifications so that we can send you alerts and recommendations in real time. Ready! You have just taken the first step towards cleaner, healthier air.

App - Measure air quality

What measure does the App use to inform me?

The AQI measures the level of air pollution around you. It also indicates the health risks of constantly breathing polluted air. The higher the AQI, the more contamination there will be and the greater the danger to the organism. The AQI instantly alerts you to the implications that air quality can have on your body. It does this through six levels of concern for health.

How can I know if the air quality is healthy or unhealthy?

The App translates the AQI into 6 levels of concern so that you can understand and act quickly to improve. The child levels:

  • Good. The air quality is optimal. There is little or no health risk from airborne particles.
  • Moderate. The air quality is acceptable. However, some people who are especially sensitive to contamination could be at risk.
  • Unsatisfactory. Members of sensitive groups, such as pregnant women, children, and those with respiratory problems, can suffer health effects.
  • Unhealthy. Health emergency. The sensitive population may experience more serious effects.
    Very unhealthy. Health alert: the risk of harmful effects on the body due to air pollution increases for everyone.
  • Hazardous. Health emergency: we are all likely to be affected by air pollution.

App - Your privacy is important

What data do I share and what use is made of it?

We are also concerned about your privacy. Therefore, AIRTALES DOES NOT share personal data. The sensor and the App are designed to receive information on air quality. You can share your air quality data in the App to help your community, and rest assured that your private data will remain that … PRIVATE.

Why do I have to activate the GPS option?

The GPS option allows you to see the data wherever you go. You can always carry your AIRTALES with you; to work or going for a run around town; you can create an air quality map of those places where you spend time. In addition, by sharing your data you can help other people to make visible clean places that they can visit without risk to their health.

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